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Your Credit Score

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Your Credit Score

At L-Pesa, we have developed a credit score system to enable those who pay back their loans on time access to more funds when they need them. We use this score to differentiate our high-risk customers from our low-risk ones. If you are a low-risk customer and are able to increase your credit score consistently, then you are able to take advantage of a range of value added services. Our credit score system is based on a weekly repayment rate. When you start using our service with your first loan, your credit score is at zero. Each time that you complete a payment on time, your credit score goes up by one point. You will have five weeks to complete the payments for any loan and you end up with credit score of 5.

Once you have completed the payments, you are eligible for a higher loan. For each week that you complete the payment on time, you receive another credit score of one.

The credit levels you can achieve are as follows:

  • $1 First-Time Customer – Credit Score of 0
  • $2.5 to $95 Seasoned Customer – Credit Score of 0 – 186
  • $100 to $575 Preferred Customer – Credit Score of 196 - 725
  • $600 to $700 Gold Customer – Credit Score of 755 - 800

When you reach a credit score of 100 or more, you become a preferred customer and are eligible for a range of benefits from L-Pesa.

Customer StatusCredit ScoreLoan amountDaysWeeks
Seasonal Customer0$2.5639
Seasonal Customer10$5639
Seasonal Customer18$7.5639
Seasonal Customer24$10639
Seasonal Customer30$12.5639
Seasonal Customer35$15639
Seasonal Customer40$17.5639
Seasonal Customer45$20639
Seasonal Customer50$25639
Seasonal Customer55$30639
Seasonal Customer60$35639
Seasonal Customer65$40639
Seasonal Customer70$45639
Seasonal Customer75$50639
Seasonal Customer80$55639
Seasonal Customer85$60639
Seasonal Customer90$65639
Seasonal Customer95$70639
Seasonal Customer100$75639
Seasonal Customer110$80639
Seasonal Customer120$85639
Seasonal Customer130$90639
Seasonal Customer140$95639
Preferred Customer150$100639
Preferred Customer160$125639
Preferred Customer170$150639
Preferred Customer180$175639
Preferred Customer190$200639
Preferred Customer200$225639
Preferred Customer225$250639
Preferred Customer250$275639
Preferred Customer250$300639
Preferred Customer250$325639
Preferred Customer250$35010515
Preferred Customer250$37510515
Preferred Customer250$40010515
Preferred Customer545$42510515
Preferred Customer575$45010515
Preferred Customer610$47510515
Preferred Customer645$50010515
Preferred Customer670$52510515
Preferred Customer695$55010515
Preferred Customer725$57510515
Gold Customer755$60010515
Gold Customer785$62510515
Gold Customer800$65010515
Gold Customer800$67510515
Gold Customer800$70010515

Defaulting on your loan

If you default on your repayments, or you make a repayment late, you will lose one credit point for each week. Should you miss or delay 10 repayments in a row, your credit score will automatically change to zero, and you will have to wait a one full year to be able to build your credit score from scratch and only after you clean your previous loan.